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Bon Voyage

Airplane food. Once something we once dreaded it, unless we were flying first class. But nowadays, if you are a frequent flyer, such as myself, you will notice that the food aboard has drastically changed over the last 3-5 years, for the better.

Previously, airplane food consisted mainly of high carbohydrate pre made sandwiches with a large chocolate chip cookie or a container of ice cream on the side. Nowadays, I find myself being offered a shrimp salad with quinoa and awesome vegetables like beets and endive, a piece of fruit, even a nut bar. I always skip the alcohol if I am offered a glass on board. With the altitude, the crazy amount of germs on the plane, and a jet lag to come – it’s better to steer clear the booze, and choose to snooze.

This isn’t to say that all airlines have taken this healthy lifestyle approach, but the majority of airlines are definitely moving in the right direction. And I’m doing my best to get them all onboard. “All aboard!”

In the event you are unsure what meals are ahead of your “voyage” – travel smart and bring something with you. Whether it be a high protein bar you can throw in your bag, a piece of fruit you bought after security, or a salad pre purchased before boarding the plane, you can ensure to have a flight with a bite – and no regrets!

Happy Flying.

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