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Body Positivity

When you love your body, your body loves YOU! You heighten your chances of being happier, more confident, and succeeding in every outlet in life. When you complain about yourself, it will drag you down from achieving all these good things, including Body Positivity.

It’s time to take action toward loving the skin you are in. So if you don’t, then let’s start doing something about it. Let’s effectively concur the battles you may or perhaps may not - be having with yourself.

How to Achieve Body Positivity: Face It

Take a moment to look into the mirror. Look at your reflection, concentrate on looking at YOU. Do this for a solid minute.

Afterward, write down on a paper with bullet points what you enjoyed seeing in the mirror, and what you didn’t enjoy seeing in the mirror. Those things you enjoyed seeing, whether it be your smile, legs, shape of face, etc. – those are things I want you to focus on reminding yourself about everyday as you go through your journey.

Now the bullet points you wrote down that bother you are things you will begin working on now today. In order to love your body, you must not have any negative things to say about it. And in order for that to happen, it’s time to take action and address the negatives, and turn them into positives.

For example, if you are unhappy with your legs – make it a goal to work on leg exercises 3x/week. If you are unhappy with your arms, and feel they can use some toning, set goals to start toning your arms with EL’s arm exercises.

There are always solutions and answers when you take time to realize that change is needed, and take action. Sometimes we just need a little guidance. Body positivity is so important. Once you are happy with yourself, everything else easily falls into place and it’s that much easier to maintain an Effective Lifestyle.

Now go look at yourself in the mirror – and own it!

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